Gay Zoom Rooms

A new website that caters to men that prefer to meet and socialise in a digital world while still maintaining face to face communication. This subset of our community utilise tools such as Zoom, Skype, RingCentral and other WebRTC applications to make one to one video calls or small many to many video meetings.  Since the demise of Google+ and the sanitising of tumblr these guys have found themselves set adrift in the ether with no where to exchange there details.

Gay Zoom Rooms aims to address this and will be the first dedicated site of its type.  Incorporating a time line with user profiles the site will offer a simple go to interface to post meeting details.  Gay Zoom Rooms will always be free to join  and in the initial launch period members will also befit from complimentary premium features such as post boosts and additional media content for their profiles and a chat room.

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